InSite Arts is an independent art commissioning organisation which has worked with a diversity of clients to deliver high quality arts practice for the public realm. InSite Arts has commissioning a range of work from the temporary, event bases, ephemeral practice to the delivery of art programmes of permanent work linked often to large scale and ambition mixed use developments.

InSite Arts are passionate about the potential of the arts to reinvigorate and enhance our public realm and built environment. From the unpinning development of policy, public art strategy to the creative programmes that emerge InSite Arts bring a very personal and highly professional service to their clients.

Artists and creative practitioner can make a difference in the experiences and perceptions of our public realm and InSite Arts seek to position themselves to support this process acting as a collaborator with the artist, the client and their professional design teams.

InSite Arts seeks to support the delivery of the best in art practice for new developments, buildings and communities.

InSite Arts is run by Sam Wilkinson who has over 25 years experience in working in the public art sector.

Services include:

  1. Development of art policy and strategy for both public and private sector organisations
  2. Preparing and implementing effective commissioning delivery plans
  3. Management of the Planning Process
  4. Curating programmes of commissioned artwork
  5. Curating private collections
  6. Establishing procurement policy
  7. Commission Project Management
  8. Providing contractual advice

The primary service is the support of artists through their creative process to practical completion.

Art Programmes which engage and involve communities

Practical Project Management


InSite Arts commissions artist from all stages in their career in a diversity of media.

Commissioning small scale work to the large development projects with complex finding and programming requirements

Advisory work

  1. Development of briefs
  2. Curation of artist long and shortlists
  3. Briefing artists
  4. Concept development
  5. Technical development
  6. Technical and fabrication management
  7. Completion on site
  8. Planning

Who InSite Arts work with

  1. Public Sector
  2. Private Developers
  3. Architects
  4. Landscape Architects
  5. Project Management Companies
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InSite Arts

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